My Prayer

WELCOME Ladies (and gents) to my blog page, “You Glow, girl!” First let me start by saying thank you in advance for taking time to read. Here’s the scoop. GLOW stands for Girls Lighting Our World. I believe God wants me to do a lot with this name so the blog is a start and amazing things are to follow. The scripture that coincides (Matthew 5:16) further explains part of my focus here and goal as a person. According to the layout of these things, your first post is supposed to express the reasons why you created the blog and who it’s geared toward. I figured that here would be a good place to share my prayer for what God has laid on my heart:

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you as humbled as I know how, thanking you for giving me the courage and the boldness to share GLOW with the world. I pray that ANY lady or girl that comes across/reads my posts is blessed, inspired, strengthened, enlightened, and encouraged through the words that you allow me to share. I pray that this is only the beginning and that wherever you lead, I follow. I pray against any and every attack of the enemy for he has no place here or in our lives. Thank you in advance for any healing of broken hearts, mending of relationships, strength to live, saving of souls and renewing of minds that may occur through this blog. Let us GLOW and GROW in you, daily. Allow me to be an open book. Cover me and keep me with your grace. Let my work not be in vain but, pleasing in your sight. Thank you for continuously giving me the chance to be a light and salt of the Earth, even through my mishaps and missteps in life. You are the God of second chances and I’m forever grateful. I praise you now and forever because I know that YOU are in control!


Your Daughter ❤

I’ll say this more than once. I love you ALL! LETS GLOW!

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28 | Mommy | Teacher | Youtuber | Blogger | Mentor | Sister | Friend If you leave here inspired, encouraged with a chuckle... I did my job! Come GLOW with me!

4 thoughts on “My Prayer

  1. Good Job Doublemint! This Is Definitely Coming At A Good Time In My Life.. Hope You Continue Frequently! 🙌👍


  2. Yes to “You Glow, girl! ….very inspiring allowing yourself to be a witness and inspiring others through scripture…love it!! Auntie loves you!!


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