Hidden With an Agenda

Good evening, ladies! Tonight I want to share a little encouragement to those who may feel lonely. I’m sure all of you have had the struggle of feeling like you have nobody. When you look to your right and left, you realize you stand alone. Have you ever felt like the OUT of an inside joke? Alone in a crowd? It’s tough. I’m here to tell you that you are NEVER alone with God in your life. Though He’s not a physical being, I promise that He has your back. Fun fact: You CAN talk to God and He WILL hear you.

Here’s what I’ve realized:

God will put you in a place of loneliness and seclusion for a number of reasons. Some reasons you may not understand but know that He has His own agenda. One reason may be that you depend more on people than God. Did you know that God gets jealous? Crazy, right? It’s something about running to your friends about your problems instead of Him that drives him crazy…

When it seems like those friends are no longer around to hear you vent or tell you whether or not to leave that man alone (leave him alone, sis), just picture a child raising their hand, dying to be picked on because they KNOW the answer to the problem on the board. “Pick me! Pick me! Nobody else is raising their hand but ME!” That’s God with us. He has all the answers but He can’t reveal them to us because we won’t “call on” Him.

Another reason is that He may be trying to take you to a new level. This level could be financial, spiritual, etc. Only thing is, in that new level, everyone won’t understand what’s happening and some will even get jealous.

——- Sidebar: Don’t ever apologize for being blessed! ———-

Seclusion will allow you to see firsthand, who will congratulate you and who won’t. Who will recognize and accept your growth and those who will try to make you revert back to your old ways. If you don’t have spiritual friends who believe in God, get you some! We are always happy to see others happy. I can be your biggest cheerleader! For those that don’t understand, that’s okay. That doesn’t necessarily make them haters. However those side-eyers, lip smackers and mouth runners…nah.

One of the last reasons deals with your confidence. When’s the last time you took yourself to dinner or the movies? Why was that the last time? Can you go to the gym or mall by yourself? Do you think certain activities require a companion or a boo? Do you get anxiety when you go places alone? I’ve learned on this long and somewhat tedious journey of being single, that I can really entertain myself and having a hand to hold doesn’t make the movies more enjoyable. In fact, its better solo because who wants to have their fingers cramped up for 2 hours? (I don’t, my hands sweat anyway). While I do want to be in a relationship and eventually married, I’m in a place where I don’t need a man to go on a date. I don’t need a warm body next to me at night. If I did, I’d use my child. And I promise with his wild sleeping, I don’t want it that bad. When you love yourself, you take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you love yourself. Simple as that.

God will send you the right people that you can trust and talk to but always remember to guard your heart. People can use what you tell them secretly to destroy you publicly. Use your good judgement and discernment. I pray that from this moment on that you give God the opportunity to be your first option, not your last.


Until next time…


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