What’s the Hold Up?

“What’s the Hold Up?”

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7, NKJV


…I know, I know. I did not post at all last week. I let the spirit of writer’s block and anxiousness get the best of me. But this week, I’m ready to share a few things about just that; being anxious and waiting on God.

Now, let’s cut to the chase because as a Christian woman, most correlate “the wait” with waiting on a mate/marriage. Well, let me be one of the first to tell you, that’s not actually at the top of my list of things (anymore) but it is a close second. Marriage is only one of the many things I’m waiting on God to do in my life. But no matter what it is, I’m still in fact, WAITING.

No matter what it is that you want God to do in YOUR life, there will always be a period of waiting because contrary to certain beliefs, God is not a magician. So, the question is, “what do you do while you’re waiting?”

  • Pray – praying is number one for a reason. If you keep a healthy prayer life, God can reveal a multitude of things to do about what you’re waiting for, whether it be a job, a man or a move. Also, while you pray, you may realize the thing you’re seeking God for isn’t as much of a necessity as you thought or that you’re not quite ready for it. Simple example: while praying for a husband, God reveals that you are still bitter about and attached to certain aspects of your previous relationship. (Ouch!) While it may hurt, it’s better to get to the root of things. It’s all part of the preparation for greater. Which leads us to #2…
  • Preparation – how do you prepare for a new job? You can change your wardrobe to fit the dress code of said job, you can update your resume, do volunteer work in your field… Whatever it is that you’re asking God for, there must be some type of preparation. Preparation lets God know how serious you are about your prayers and lets Him know that you will do YOUR part and not be a sitting duck. Soon, the preparation becomes your way of life and before you know it, you’re ready and that blessing is on its way!
  • Pre-victory – okay, I made this up so let me explain (lol). There’s a saying you’ll hear in church A LOT from the old folks, “Don’t wait until the battle is over, SHOUT NOW!” So, listen, let’s break this down to simpler terms. Basically, I believe that you should thank and praise God everyday as if He’s already done the things you’ve asked Him for. Live your life with thanksgiving daily before AND after you’ve been blessed. Be happy whether He gives you what you want or gives you what you NEED instead. One thing’s for sure, your lack of praise and thanks to God will not stop His show but be careful. If you’re only smiling and happy when things are going your way, you’ll never fully experience the glory of God and his everlasting love for you.

These three points are the basics of what I’ve found useful in my time of waiting. Life is way less stressful when you allow God to do His work. In waiting for a husband, I’ve realized that I could still be in toxic relationships right now if I had grown impatient with God and probably would’ve married one of those jokers out of loneliness. Instead, I’ve vowed to be single, abstinent and the best mother I know how to be until he sends my help-meet. Also staying busy with work and ministry is a huge plus. It gets hard and yes, every so often I get lonely but that’s because I’m human, not desperate. While waiting on a better paying job, I’m making the most of the one I have now. I go to work with a positive attitude and manage my money to the best of my abilities so that when I see increase, I know how to handle it and not splurge.

All in all, I know waiting is hard for everybody but just trust God with his plans for your life. He created you so He knows what’s best for you. Just like how your parents wouldn’t let you go certain places with certain friends… they just KNEW and never told you. I thank them and God for that type of protection. Learn to stay out of your own way sometimes. If I can admit how hardheaded I have been, I know a lot more of us can too. Hard head makes for a soft bottom, right? Only with God, He may let you fall to learn your lesson, but He’ll pick you right back up and give another (and another) chance.

Be anxious, for WHAT? NOTHING.





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One thought on “What’s the Hold Up?

  1. There’s a process even in our time of waiting! Even though it gets frustrating during this moment, trusting God is our only option! Thanks for sharing this!!! ❤


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