• Intentional – (adj.) done on purpose; deliberate.

At the beginning of every year, people make resolutions, goals, list, vision boards, the list goes on. I may be late to the party but I came across a HUGE list of words on Pinterest (I’m an addict), and it said to choose which words you want to use to describe how you will live out your 2018.

I didn’t necessarily make any resolutions. I made a little list of things I want to accomplish just to keep my head in the game and not become stagnant or complacent. Before I had ever come across the list of words via Pinterest, the word intentional was ringing in my ear for days. Facebook posts I saw scrolling my timeline would mention the word and even on Instagram.

MY word for the year is INTENTIONAL.

So often we get caught up just doing/saying things just to get by. We say “yes” to things we don’t agree with. We go places with people just to say we have friends or a social life. We keep relationships (love or friends) that we know we should let go of just so we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. We post things on Facebook just to feel like we have a handle on things and that we’re doing far better in life than people are assuming. We work jobs just to get our check and not embracing our full potential, or worse, not perfecting and using the tools we already have to make the job better.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. I’m guilty of just about all those things at some point in my life. But at the age of 26, I choose to not waste any more time, energy, money or skill on things that do not benefit myself, my child and most of all, don’t help me fulfill my God given purpose.

I plan to be intentional with the relationships I create with people. I won’t gain another friend because of our dislike for the same person or gossip. Instead, I will pray over my connections. MY circle will be full of similar people on similar paths, aiming to please God, whether it be one person or five. If my words aren’t encouraging someone or being a LIGHT, I’m working on just being quiet. I’m working on saying “no”. And that’s a post in itself.

When a new year starts, December 31st is no different than January 1st. It’s just another day IF you don’t change your mindset. Everything starts in your mind. Every change you wish to see, starts with you and starts with God. When we go with his plan and not our own, things tend to work out A LOOOOOT better. If you don’t know what He wants for you, spend more time with Him. How? Pray. Read your bible. Fast. Get by yourself and open your heart to hear from Him. I’m a witness to all of this working.

Whatever your word is, work it to the best of your abilities. If you choose to be intentional like me, let’s help each other. We can all conquer. There’s room for everybody to win.

Cheers to 2018,


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